WWBehind theWW

Behind the WW

My name is Gerard. I was born in Barcelona, Spain; and that I would call home if being out there wasn’t that much fun. I’m just a regular guy, who was born playing football, joined Actuarial Sciences at university and started working in an office. Grew a passion for nature and found my excuse to enjoy it through any existing sport. Soon I found myself in love with endurance sports and the so called extreme endurance sports. 

I wasn’t born with the fastest and strongest legs, neither I have any special talent for endurance sports. I’m just a regular guy that enjoys equal to pursuit sports battles and to have a nasty dinner with beers and friends. But I do have 2 secret weapons; the first one is a magic potion made of passion for these sports, determination to achieve new goals and a, sometimes scary, capability to dream. The second secret weapon is a warrior’s mask that I was given once. This warrior mask might make me look ridiculous sometimes, but worth the feeling to become a superhero feeling that the more I push the stronger I feel, the further I go the further I want to go, the as much I desire to achieve something the much more I want to achieve it, the whatever tough is the challenge the more secure I am that I will succeed. I feel unstoppable like a superhero with it! 

I’m a passionate of quotes; I find in them a cool way to put in words my feeling and thoughts. I want to share with you one that I find myself constantly thinking of in my adventures (and hopefully will be as useful to you that it is to me), that says like that:

“you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

(Norman Vincent Peale)

to which I added my little part:

“…so do it ALL!”

In a part, it’s because of this quote that after a period of time where I’ve been living a second “teenage” life, I decided to take out the dust of my equipment (or how I like to call it, my “weekend warrior suit and gadgets”) and rock the paths again. And this time I will do it ALL! I know it will be hard to be back on shape and that I will regret it many times (not seriously) during the hard trainings and  challenges to come, but…I love that (that’s the miserable live of a weekend warrior); I love how it makes me feel to dream and set new adventures. There is nothing compared to the moments right before starting one of those dreams. It’s magical. I don’t know what it’s about to come, but I know it will be insane! This time I don’t see the limits, I will ante up!.

Another cool thing about all the experiences lived and to come, is the people you meet on the way. Is that people that make every adventure special and unforgettable. Looking forward to find them already!!

It’s not that I am new on this; I’ve been in and out of endurance sports for some time now, living lots of experiences and gaining some knowledge on the way. With this new story of my life, I’ve decided to blog about it. I love the idea to go out and then come back at night and blog about it; blog about my experiences (trips, races, events,…) and knowledge (gadgets, tips, trainings,…) and hear about yours. Sounds cool eh! I hope you find it useful and entertaining.  


My name is Gerard and I’m a Weekend Warrior!