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Road Warrior Show on Wi-Fi, Twitter & more

February 23rd, 2009

Our Ustream show featuring yours truly Nhat Pham & Digital Knight Sean Francis of TAG on @ 11:30 AM ET. This show featured Palm, Wi-Fi GSM Routers and other tools to stay connected on the road.

Next week’s show we will talk about Twitter.
Below we have our show chat.

10:36 ustreamer-33953 : pretty high-tech . .
10:36 psfrancis : Anybody else out there?
10:37 psfrancis : We definately want to WOW you with our abilities…
10:38 ustreamer-33953 : have a great show .. have to run. CU bye
10:39 ustreamer-81197 : um, reboot?  LOL
10:39 psfrancis : I can send text in color too…
10:39 psfrancis : Yes, we rebooted.  Going live now
10:40 psfrancis : Done send in whte
10:40 psfrancis : BTW – Don’t change color to white and send message.  Kinda hard to see.
10:43 ustreamer-66464 : Patrick is on.
11:43 psfrancis :
11:46 ustreamer-66464 : Newton in 1993
11:56 RoadWarriorShow-1 : sonic wall
11:56 RoadWarriorShow-1 :
12:02 RoadWarriorShow-1 :
12:03 psfrancis :
12:03 ustreamer-81197 : oh, that’s funny guys
12:04 RoadWarriorShow-1 :
12:07 ustreamer-81197 :
12:07 ustreamer-81197 : Nhat, I used to be a Plantronics Rep if you want some insigt to their manufacturing
12:08 RoadWarriorShow-1 : really?
12:08 ustreamer-81197 : Garth Callaghan 127tech
12:08 ustreamer-81197 : aye, I rep’d them for about 5 year
12:09 RoadWarriorShow-1 : Love to hear bout more Plantronics. I am holding one now
12:09 ustreamer-81197 : anytime – I have actually been to their factory in Mexico
12:11 RoadWarriorShow-1 : Can u hook us up ? ;-)
12:11 ustreamer-81197 : I can, usually.  I can get free headsets if I ask the right people
12:11 RoadWarriorShow-1 : We will review it on the show ;-)

Wireless Coverage on the “Road Warrior Show”

February 9th, 2009

This is episode 16 of the Road Warrior Show. This is a weekly show where yours truly Nhat Pham the Wireless Warrior and the Digital Knight Sean Francis We talked about Windows Mobile Apps store, Wireless Coverage and of course the FREE SEGMENT of the day.

Chat log is below the Ustream show.
Part A (first part got cut off mid stream)

PartB (lost part C) We’ll get it right soon ;-)

11:26 RoadWarriorShow-1 : Going live in 4 minutes
10:26 RoadWarriorShow-1 : Going live in 4 minutes
11:32 RoadWarriorShow-1 : hang tight
11:33 psfrancis : Getting camera back on…
11:35 ustreamer-38946 : What’s up guys?  Maybe you can get some more love this weekend???
11:37 ustreamer-73441 : if you start singing–i’m done…lol
11:39 KKreuer : Digital Knight!
11:39 ustreamer-38946 : Sean – stick with your day job…PLEASE!!!
11:39 RoadWarriorShow-1 : surface computing
11:43 ustreamer-38946 : is that you Coco?
11:43 ustreamer-49186 : yes that is me
11:45 KKreuer : hey there 38946, 49186, & 55571, did you know you can sign up on and set up your own account for free so we can see names instead of ustreamer – #
11:47 ustreamer-38946 : I did not know that!
11:48 KKreuer : That’s why they let me attend every Monday
11:51 psfrancis :
11:51 ustreamer-38946 : what if I don’t want you to know who I am?
11:51 psfrancis : Zboost –
11:52 KKreuer : stay the stealth way you are then 38946 ;-)
11:54 RoadWarriorShow-1 : femtocell
11:56 ustreamer-38946 : I’m playing with you Keith, it Raugh!
11:56 ustreamer-38946 : I meant, it’s Raugh
11:57 RoadWarriorShow-1 :
11:58 ustreamer-38946 : Sean is a little slow!
11:59 RoadWarriorShow-1 : yes
11:59 KKreuer : It’s a WerkShop!
11:59 RoadWarriorShow-1 :
12:00 KKreuer : Who’s your boy???
12:00 KKreuer : BevReal is from Delaware
12:00 Bevreal : I’m real
12:00 ustreamer-38946 : thanks buddy!
12:00 Bevreal : You can call me Bev
12:01 Bevreal : I am from PA
12:01 Bevreal : DE is ok too
12:03 RoadWarriorShow-1 : follow me
12:03 RoadWarriorShow-1 : sweet! thanks for joining us Bevreal
12:03 Bevreal : Enjoyed
12:03 Bevreal : See you next week

iPhone Blackout Issue during Calls

January 29th, 2009

My iPhone kept on blacking out during calls & couldn’t figure out why. Finally went to the Genius Bar @ an Apple store. By the way, go early mid-day. Waited less than 5 minutes with out an appointment.. Normally have to wait 30 minutes plus with an appointment.

Anyway, I found out the sensor was being disrupted by my case. The video above explains Nhat Pham’s issue & how to fix a similar problem.

MiFi – Mobile 3G WiFi Hotspot

January 20th, 2009

This is a Hotspot to go device which will allow upto 5 users. Novatel will come out with both HSDPA & EV-DO options. This device will retail @$199 with some additional subsidies I am sure from carriers.

Really slick device that will have an app store along with it expected to come out first half of 2009.

Powermat: Wireless Charging Device for your Gadgets

January 13th, 2009

I have talked about the Powermat before in WERKShops. This will be the next rage for techie Warriors to charge your devices. It uses a process called magnetic induction where it only needs to be in contact with the device & not physically plugging in each device. There a a charging mat & a receiver attached to the device. There will be 2 mats. One to facilitate 3 devices & another upto 6 devices.

Getting in won’t be cheap. The entry level Powermat will be around $100 and each reciever will be around $30. Yikes. Might not be an early adopter on this one considering how many devices I have.

Unfortunately it will not be out till 3rd Qtr of this year. For you Road Warriors out there, I would like to see a Powermat for your car.  One that sticks to your dash & has a cigarett lighter.

Palm Pre: Touch Screen QWERTY Phone

January 12th, 2009

Here is the Palm Pre Device I mention earlier today on the Road Warrior Show. It really is a slick device. It brings the best of both worlds of touch screen gestures with a physical QWERTY keyboard. It looks like it comes with a charging pad similar to the Powermat which I will publish in a follow up post.

Above is the demo at the 2009 CES show. It will be rolling out from Sprint. As always, Sprint came last in coming into the game with a really slick touchscreen device. While Sprint has a chance to really get all the nuances I really like, I have adopted the iPhone platform already (still using Blacbkerry to a large degree & occasional Windows Mobile). It even more inportant I am already on 2 different carriers. It will take Sprint giving me the device to switch and then some. I have too much invested in my other devices and apps.

With that being said, what I really like is the additional QWERTY slide out tactile keyboard, customization of the screen, & curve shaped to form to your face.

Here are some quick specs for you.

-3.1-inch touchscreen
-Slide-out QWERTY keypad
-CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev. A
-3-megapixel camera
-8 GB memory
-Replaceable battery
-4.8 ounces

iPhone Remote Desktop Software

January 5th, 2009 is a great Remote Desktop Software for the iPhone for Salespeople, Entrepeneurs or folks away from their PC’s. This app is for a Windows machine & can be connected via your iPhone by way of your Safari Browser. Now you can connnect to your PC anytime & anywhere… or at least if you have bars or WiFi.

Touchtype: Landscape Keyboard Workaround for iPhone

December 31st, 2008

Great iPhone app I just added this week to type emails in Landscape mode. I didn’t get why Apple still hasn’t fix this issue yet, but I am glad Michael Schneider develop this Touchtype app for iPhone users like me who have been use to typing on a tactile keyboard and give us a little more room to thumb our way throuh the touchscreen QWWERTY Keyboard.

Using Vlingo Voice Command for iPhone & Blackberry

December 21st, 2008

While this video shows the Vlingo application for iPhone, it is available fo Blackberry & various other devices. Currently, it is only able to update Facebook and Titter for Social Networks via voice command. I expect Vlingo to expand this to additional Social Networks but in the meantime its still a pretty nice app and will make it a little safer for folks updating on the road because we never text update while we drive ;). It will even do voice cammands for Google searches, map directions and much more. Best part, its FREE !

Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

December 15th, 2008

Here is actual street views for Google Maps along with some great new features. Its currently available for Windows Mobile Phones & Nokia S60. Rest assured compatability for Smartphones is coming.

You must check out the video to get the full appreciation of what it can do.

Nhat Pham

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